About Go College!

The Go College! initiative was an unprecedented partnership with First Generation and Wells Fargo to help close the education gap for underrepresented students.

The tour

The initiative kicked off in 2014 with the ‘Go College!’ Tour, spanning 12 major cities across the US and 70+ screenings. The film was shown free of charge to high school students, their parents, educators, politicians and influential members of each community and each screening was followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers, a Wells Fargo representative, as well as local educational experts to spur a dialogue focused on increasing college access for first generation and low-income students.

Go College! Now

As a result of the tour’s positive reception from students, parents, and educators and thousands of requests to share the film more broadly, Wells Fargo expanded the sponsorship with First Generation to create Go College! Now, a bilingual web platform to inspire a college-going culture by providing free access to the award winning film First Generation and college planning resources for students, parents, and educators to help students transition from high school to college and beyond. Go College! Now reflects the urgency of increasing the number of individuals with a high quality degree beyond high school by inviting users to pledge their commitment to closing the educational opportunity gap.  Take the pledge now

Go College! Day

As part of Go College! Now’s official launch and our goal to increase the national dialogue about the importance of improving college access, on Thursday, September 24, 2015, known as Go College! Day, communities from coast to coast screened First Generation, took the pledge, and gathered for a dialogue on expanding college access and success.

While communities hosted local conversations, a national kick-off event took place in Los Angeles, California at UCLA Community School, where the students featured in First Generation –now college graduates – joined the filmmakers and special guests in a live-streaming discussion to share the continuation of their story and shine a light on solutions that work.

Watch the live webcast.

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